Equine and Animal Osteopathic treatment principles encompass many Osteopathic techniques tailored specifically to the individual horse or animal according to their presenting symptoms;

a detailed case history; active assessment in walk up, trot up, and canter; with thorough examination and explanation for the owner or trainer.

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Equine and Animal Osteopathic treatment may consist of a number of Osteopathic techniques including:
  • Soft tissue massage technique Stroking – to soothe, calm the horse and particular areas of the body prior to or after treatment. Can be used during treatment when transitioning to different areas of the body;
  • Soft tissue massage technique Effluourage – aids improved lymphatic and venous drainage; helpful in resolution of swelling over an old injury.
  • Soft tissue massage technique Petrissage – involves a number of refined and subtle techniques of kneading, compression, squeezing, picking up and skin rolling – all assist in increasing circulation and oxygenation by separating muscle fibres and re-setting the resting tone of muscle spindles and Golgi tendon organs – vital in enhancing stretching and flexibility through a profound understanding of the anatomy of the musculo-skeletal system; the connective tissues and the physiology of stretching.
  • Stimulatory massage techniques are used rhythmically in therapeutic sessions and during warm up/cool down sessions. Used to relax muscles and increase circulation
  • Articulation and mobilisation techniques – Osteopathic principles, practice and treatment at its most refined, to assist and enable deep healing and improved mobility.
  • Passive range of motion and Stretching techniques for the entire horse – used following warm up either from being worked or through soft tissue massage techniques. Aids relaxation; decreased muscle tension; increased circulation; increased elasticity; increased flexibility; increased co-ordination; diminished likelihood of ligament sprain or strain; increased stride length.


With heartfelt gratitude to Buddy and Paul for their tremendous patience and kindness throughout; and for Annie Bungeroth my photographer.

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  • In memory of my father Ken who gave me so much and for whom my Equine and Animal Osteopathy is my living gift of thanks.
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